GVMC Set To Unveil Online Building Plan Approval System

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Residents of Vizag have some pleasant news. GVMC has decided to opt for online mechanism with respect to building plan approvals. In order to check red tape in building plan approvals, introduction of online approvals within the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation limits has been planned from January.

The new online system will get rid of tedious waiting process where the applicants to wait for days or struggle to get their plans are okayed. Chief Minister Sri N Chandrababu Naidu will tentatively launch the online system during the Partnership Summit in January 2016.

Explaining the new system in detail, GVMC commissioner Pravin Kumar spoke to the media at length. “In a move to bring in transparency, simplify the process and boost e-governance, the GVMC decided to revamp the existing manual approval system with the online one. Building plans, meeting all parameters set forth by the government, would get instant approvals. But plans for spurious plots would be outrightly rejected as there would be no data about those in the server. Mr. Naidu who would be in the city for Partnership Summit would launch this” he said.

GVMC currently receives 80 new building plan applications every week. While it takes about 10-15 days for approval of building plans of less than 300 square yards, there is no set certain timeline for the approval of plans that are more than 300 square yards, the prime reason being staff crunch. Going with the online mechanism, any changes that are suggested in the online building plan can enable the applicant to seek approval again after making the structural changes.

Speaking to the media, chief city planner D. Venkata Ratnam said the applicants will receive permissions on the same day as the process is purely online. During a recent meeting in Visakhapatnam, Municipal and Urban Development Minister P. Narayana explained that Softec Solutions has developed the software for this online plan approval system.

Mr. Narayana explained that the plan will be extended to all municipalities in Andhra Pradesh in a phased manner, after GVMC launches online approvals.



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