Great Sign – AP Shines With Bumper Turmeric Output!!

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The year 2017 began with some auspicious news – Andhra Pradesh is shining with bumper turmeric crop already. The state is leading the pack in turmeric yield, along with Maharashtra. This output will easily offset the reduced yield from other states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu which happened due to lack of adequate rains.

As of now, both Andhra and Tamil Nadu account for a chunky share of 6 Lakh Tonnes turmeric output in the entire country. The high yield from AP will contribute to the slashing down of the prices by at least 30 percent. This will welcome fresh boost to the turmeric exports with competitive pricing.

The trade is also waiting anxiously to see the turmeric production increase to over 85 to 90 lakh bags in the year 2016 – 17. This as against the previous 60 Lakh bags in the year 2015 – 16. Turmeric has been faring well with pricing, between Rs 110 per kg and Rs 70 per kg. This has made most farmers switch to turmeric production in the recent times.

The higher supply and falling prices of turmeric will enable better exports of rich quality fetching good prices. The trade experts also see more production in the coming months, considering all the factors.

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