Godavari Maha Pushkaralu to Symbolize AP’s Development

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Lots of plans in place for this year’s Godavari Mahapushkaralu. The government of Andhra Pradesh is leaving no stone not turned to make this a large scale national event, with fully equipped facilities and security measures for the pilgrims. River Godavari, also known as the Ganges of the South, sees lakhs of devotees come every Pushkaram, having a sacred dip and performing important rituals.

The Andhra Pradesh government intends to promote this year’s Mahapushkaralu in a grandiose manner, symbolizing the event to be a development initiative of the newly formed state. Even though the cultural values will not be touched and retained the same way, the newer and better arrangements are expected to get attention of the nation and the world.

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“The reason are are emphasizing on this river is because we are trying to drought proof the state with its water” said Mr Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. 

The 12 day event will go on till June 25th and a major curtain raiser event has also been planned.

Work is in motion, with special attention to integrate all the work at the Ghats and various other centers where pictures will be updates. A mobile app is also being developed where the rest of the world can get to see all the latest updates.

Godavari Mahapushkaralu 2015 will begin from June 14.



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