Garuda Seva Concludes With Magnificence

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Srivari Navarathri Brahmotsavalu are nearing their completion. Garuda Seva, one of the prime sevas performed to Lord Venkateswara is considered to be the most crucial one. Garuda Seva this year also marked a grand turn out and magnificent proceedings in Tirumala.

Conducted on the fifth day of the Navarathris, Lord Venkateswara’s royal Garuda seva concluded on Sunday. The procession saw lakhs of pilgrims travel from far and wide to come attend the ritual. The vision was nothing short of celestial.

Deity of Lord Malayappa Swamy was mounted atop the bejeweled golden Garuda Vahanam as part of the procession and was taken out in a grandiose manner around the Mada streets that surround the holy shrine.

The atmosphere was surreal and supernatural, with magical chants of ‘Govinda’ ‘Govinda’ by tens of thousands of devotees filling the air. The devotees gathered several hours ahead of the main procession to witness their lord.

The lord’s idol was decorated with rare and precious gems and jewels like Makarakanti, Saligrama haram and Lakshmi haram. These ornaments bear a history that is deep rooted deep along with the temple history.

Open top galleries saw a nominal attendance in the morning but picked momentum by evening. The great procession of the lord was advanced by one hour. There was a mind blowing turnout of pilgrim traffic for the Garuda Seva, specially a constant flow of trekking pilgrims since Saturday.

Garuda Seva was followed with a procession of the famous Mohini Avataram of Lord Vishnu in the early morning hours. Queen Mohini was mounted on top of an exquisitely decorated ivory palanquin and was a cynosure to the eyes that witnessed the visual.



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