Gajapathi Raju Sanctions Funds for LED Lighting in Vizianagaram Mandals

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He does it again. Civil Aviation Minister P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju is well applauded as the most benevolent Raja of AP. When it comes to Vizianagaram, Raju is known to take a personalized and proactive interest in lines of development and uplifting of living conditions. Adding to the many feathers in his cap is the recent LED bulbs initiative, where Mr Gajapathi Raju is leaving no stone not turned to ensure that the entire of Vizianagaram goes into energy saving and sustaining region.

To this effect, Mr Raju has directed the Collector M.M. Nayak to release 70 per cent of MPLADS funds towards the replacement of incandescent bulbs with 3,287 LED bulbs for street lighting. This is across 38 select Panchayats in Badangi, Bobbili, Bondapalli, Cheepurupalli, Denkada, Dattirajeru, Gajapathinagaram, Gantyada, Gurla, Garividi, Merakamudidam, Jami, Ramabhadrapuram, Therlam and Vizianagaram Mandals. These villages form major part of his Vizianagaram parliamentary constituency.

The total estimated cost of fixing 24 W LED bulbs (Rs. 1,550 each) was put on board at Rs. 50, 94, 850. Mr. Ashok Gajapathi Raju has sanctioned 70 per cent grant from MPLADS, which is Rs. 35, 66,395. Panchayats have to bear the rest of the amount that totals Rs. 15, 28, 455. The above Panchayats were selected on the grounds of high density of SCs.



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