Farmers, Landowners Prefer Land Pooling Scheme to LAA

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The people of the villages surrounding the capital region discussed about the profit/losses of Land Acquisition Act (LAA) comparing it with LPS package after issuing of GO: 166 by the state government. These discussions kicked off on Friday last week. Majority of the farmers opine that LPS is better than land acquisition act. The anti LPS groups who are reluctant to give their lands are still waiting for the issue of land acquisition notice to know the norms. The state government has issued GO:166, giving exemption from social impact survey and public hearing to collect lands under land acquisition act.

The AP government has directed the Guntur district collector to issue notification for land acquisition. The people of the capital are waiting for the same, to know the areas which would be acquired by the CRDA. The farmers of Undavalli, Penumaka, Rayapudi, Nidamarru, Yerrabalem and adjacent areas are yet to have an offer for 3,500 to 4,000 acres of farmlands. Further, nearly 300 farmers of Velagapudi and other areas went to the court seeking compensation under land acquisition act.  Hence, the CRDA is planning to issue notification under land acquisition to these villages.

The landowners and farmers were seen busy discussing about the benefits of LPS and LAA on Friday in various villages of capital region. The CRDA has paid annuity to 13,886 acres of lands against the 33,600 acres farmlands that were collected. Farmers who are in the dilemma to submit their lands under LPS for the past few days are now preferring LPS against LAA.

A CRDA official stated that landowners and farmers are visiting CRDA office to submit lands under LPS and opined that anti LPS farmers will change their decision after issuing of LAA notification.

Farmers, B. Govindarajulu, N. Pandurangam and others said that LAA does not seem much beneficial and LPS would be very much helpful  in the future post formation of the new capital. They added that, if the new capital switches as world class trade center like Singapore, then the LPS package residential and developed plots would cost at high prices, with a potential to change their lives in the next five to ten years.

The farmers analyzed that under LAA, compensation would be given according to the land price of the government, the prices of land per acre being only Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh in the capital region.



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