e-Pragati Developed – All Set To Make Govt Services Go Digital

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The Government of Andhra Pradesh is now rechristening the AP State Enterprise Architecture (APSEA) as ‘e-Pragati’. AP already tops the country in e-transactions

ePragati, developed in association with tech giant Wipro in a span of 8 months, is a comprehensive framework for implementing e-Governance and provides e-services to citizens  of Andhra Pradesh.

With ePragati, Andhra Pradesh becomes the first state in India to conceive and execute a state-wide enterprise architecture. “This will become a model in Government Enterprise Architecture in India,” Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu said, adding that advanced countries like South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand have all embraced this type of architectural approach to e-governance.

e-Pragati extends to 33 secretariat departments and over 300 government agencies in AP. It seeks to provide a bouquet of 745 services in the government to customer (G2C), government to business (G2B), government to enterprise (G2E) and government to government (G2G) areas.

It consists of 72 projects grouped into 14 packages whose estimated outlay is Rs.2,358 crore which will be funded and implemented over a three-year period. Of this, the government will invest Rs1,528 crore and balance the rest of the amount through  PPP mode.

The major components of e-Pragati revolve are 7 missions, 5 grids and 5 campaigns:

  1. AP Fibre Grid (to all gram Panchayats)
  2. AP State Data Centre (to host all the data and applications)
  3. e-Highway (to seamlessly connect all the departments digitally)
  4. People Hub (to house all the socio-economic data of the citizens of the state which will be used to implement welfare schemes and development programs)
  5. Lab Hub (that contains details of all types of land parcels in the state)
  6. Dial AP (a unified contact/call centre that the citizens can use to access a wide range of services)
  7. e-Learning platform (that provides learning and online material/education aid to enhance quality of education)
  8. Social benefits management system (that includes all benefits schemes)
  9. APcan (comprehensive system for management of cancer)
  10. mSeva (a platform for providing a wide range of citizen services on mobile)
  11. e-AgriMarket (a platform that enables farmers to sell their produce online to get the best price)
  12. e-Panchayat (enhances efficienct of Panchayat Raj institutions).

“ePragati aims focuses on achieving a unified and connected government with citizen-centricity at its core. Implementation of ePragati will lead to free-flow of information among departments, paving the way for an integrated, outcome-driven and accountable government,” the Chief Minister said.

Source – AP CMO



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