Digital Panchayat Citizen Services Launched in AP

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After the successful incorporation of E Shakti, AP government has now launched Digital Panchayat Citizen Services within the state. Gaining a nation wide acclaim, Digital Panchayat is a functional and dynamic digital platform providing a workstation that has been created and designed for each Panchayat. The initiative was officially launched by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu.

So far, the concept of Digital Panchayat has been launched and executed in states like Assam, Haryana, Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. Digital Panchayat is slowly emerging to be a workable mechanism for technology to reach out to the nook and corner of rural India. People can have instant access to three major features via Digital Panchayat; e Governance, online resources and digital literacy.

An initiative of DEF (Digital Empowerment Foundation) and NIXI, Digital Panchayat services are a large scale initiative from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The platform is supported by Microsoft.




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