Demand for LPS forms increases, more than 800 applications filled

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Demand for 9.3 forms to submit farmlands under LPS to CRDA has increased for the past two days. Landowners and farmers have taken nearly 800 application forms to offer their lands to the new capital establishment in various villages of the capital region. The postponement of the notice for land acquisition till the month of June is now giving chance to the landowners and farmers to submit their farmlands to CRDA under LPS.

Most farmers and landowners are rushing to CRDA office and collecting the forms. The CRDA officials are expecting the completion of land collection process without the need of Land Acquisition Act (LAA) implementation by the end of May.

As many as 10,400 objections were filed by the anti LPS farmers in the capital region refusing lands to CRDA under LPS. The state government is issuing GO:166 and has allowed CRDA to acquire lands by exempting rules. But CRDA on the other hand is stretching time till the end of May to the landowners/farmers by delaying notice under LAA.

A CRDA official on the condition of anonymity said that the state government as well as CRDA will face legal hurdles if they go to collect lands through LAA without resolving the 10,400 objections filed through 9.2 forms. A meeting would be soon held to take  a decision about the objections. He added that besides this, landowners and farmers who expressed willingness for LPS did not submit any papers for nearly 1000 acres of lands in 29 villages. CRDA officials are presently concentrating on this group.

Earlier, landowners and farmers have shown reluctance to complete the agreement processes citing the causes of the absence of onetime agriculture loan waiver but recently the government implemented the same waiver to 21,000 farmers under onetime settlement scheme. The donor landowners and farmers are now coming forward to complete agreement through 9.14 forms.

The CRDA used to complete agreement processes for only 50-100 acres earlier but now they are closing agreement processes for 600-700 acres per day. This number is expected to increase in the coming days due to the reluctant farmers opting for LPS.

Collector of Guntur, Kantilal Dande said that notice for land acquisition will be issued most likely in the month of June if necessary. He said that the government is giving another chance to the landowners and farmers to submit their lands under LPS which proves beneficial to them as against LAA.



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