Cool breeze Four Lane Road on the banks of Krishna to Tullur

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The shortcut Karakatta route to the new capital Tullur would be switched into a four lane road, giving memorable travel experience to the public on the banks of Krishna river with cool breezes and natural scenic beauty. Tullur can be reached through an old rubbish road from Prakasam barrage, called Karakatta road due to road’s construction on the flood bank of the Krishna river.

The regular road to Tullur goes via Undavalli, Penuamaka and other villages. Tullur can also be reached by traveling 25 km on the Karakatta road enjoying the lush green farms on one side and Krishna river on the other side. The state government has directed R & B department to submit a report about the four lane road on the Karakatta road to reach Amaravati via new capital Tullur.

Cool-breeze-four-lane-road-on-the-banks-of-Krishna-river-to-new-capital-Tullur.jpg-1024x501 Cool breeze Four Lane Road on the banks of Krishna to Tullur

Chairman of the Navyandhra Development Committee, J. Veeranjaneyulu, explained chief minister, N Chandrababu Naidu about the importance of Karakatta road to new capital and asked to construct a four lane road till Amaravati via Tullur. He said that one has to travel 43 km to reach Amaravathi on the normal bus route but it would be lessened to 34 km through Karakatta road. He added this is the only long road beside river with lush green fields. Hence switching of this road into four lanes would boost tourism at heritage city Amaravati, famous for Buddhist monuments and ancient Amaralingeswara Swamy temple. Mr. Veeranjaneyulu said that Mr. Naidu primarily agreed for the four lanes and has ordered R & B department to examine about the four lane possibilities.

Nearly 5,000 people travel per day on this road including farmers and traders. A farmer, G. Purna said that the residents were asking for the modernization of this road for years but in vain. They continue to face lot of troubles to transport their produces on the metal road. He added that developing of Karakatta road into four lanes is good to the public but of no use to farmers as the farmlands are going to vanish soon for new capital establishment.

Students of Venkatapalem, N. Ravi, S. Balu and others said that only few auto rickshaws are available, that’s too during day time. Developing this road would provide public transportation to at least 15 villages through Karakatta. They added that long roads of 30-40 km besides rivers are rare but the same is available in this case. Hence the government should develop the Karakatta road which would turn as cool breeze road to Tullur in the future.

Some Important Facts

  • Karakatta road is the main source of transport to Harischandrapuram, Vykunthapuram, Borupalem, Abbarajupalem, Lingayapalem, Uddandarayunipalem, Rayapudi, Venkatapalem, Tallayapalem and other areas situated on the banks of Krishna river.
  • This road starts from Prakasam barrage ends at Amaravati.
  • The Krishna river at Vykunthapuram takes north direction and further to east direction which is treated very good as per Vastu.
  • The farmlands of banana, gherkin, guava fruit, drumsticks, cauliflower, carrot, onions, leafy vegetables, jasmine, rose, paddy, maize and other crops add beauty to the Karakatta road.
  • Ferry service to Ibrahimpatnam of Krishna district on the Vijayawada-Hyderabad road is available at Rayapudi on the Karakatta road




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