“Construct Polavaram Project Or Grant Funds To AP” – CM to Centre

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Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu spoke yesterday and opined that the State government would extend all the support to Central government, if the latter takes up the pending Polavaram project and finishes the same in the next four years.

“The Central government should either construct the Polavaram Project or grant the funds to the State government,” the CM announced. He further said if the Central government was forthcoming to close the project within the set period, AP Govt will provide all the assistance with zero conditions.

Polavaram Project has been a long pending critical issue for the state. As part of this project, tribals in more than 200 villages have to be shifted, vast expanses have to be covered, complying with the updated land acquisition act. AP Govt’s mission is to complete the project in four years and is looking at the Centre to provide avid support required.

Going by the financials, the Central government is yet to reimburse Rs.2,218 crore spent on the Polavaram project so far. Also, all environmental clearances have to be given a go ahead at the earliest.

Mr Naidu also said that a white paper on irrigation projects would be released in a couple of days, similar to that of mining.

Talking about the specifics, AP govt has spent Rs 9,000 cr on different irrigation projects in the last 16 months. Additional Rs.3,000 crore would be spent in the coming days, as confirmed by the CM.

“All the hurdles are being cleared and works are being streamlined. Through Pattiseema project we could supply Godavari water to Krishna delta during crucial period. Likewise, plans were being laid to supply river Krishna water to Nellore,” said Mr. Naidu.

CM also affirmed that works taken up under Neeru-Chettu initiative proved profitable to the State government as the ground water table increased substantially across different areas in the State. The water level in Somasila project was lately recorded at 63 tmc and possibilities are that it would get filled in a few days. To this effect, Kandaleru is now receiving good inflows. The CM said that all the reservoirs in Kadapa, Nellore and Chittoor were receiving heavy inflows due to the present incessant rains.



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