CM’s Rhetoric Social Media Post – Every Dream Count!!

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As to what looks like a real motivation, a kicker, a rhetoric, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu left an adrenaline pumping post on the social media with a hash tag “Every Dream Count”. For those who have missed all the action, we re iterate the message from our CM.

Comrades, Get Set GO!!

One year on, We’re Making Every Dream Count

The last 12 months have given us an opportunity to rebuild our state from scratch. We have had our ups and downs, but have remained unperturbed by them because we chose a path to progress.

From tackling disasters like Hudhud with technology expertise to making a strong pitch to foreign investors about ‘Sunrise Andhra Pradesh’, we have together charted a path towards growth, development and welfare.

We have streamlined systems, scrapped archaic laws, revamped policies to suit the current trends and introduced hassle-free processes to better the ease of doing business in our state and to communicate better/faster with the people of our state.

In the process, we have successfully crossed several milestones. I see this as the beginning of Andhra Pradesh’s long journey towards prosperity.

Every milestone is a reminder to make every second count because I am here to make ‪#‎EveryDreamCount‬.



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