CM’s Interesting Comments on Population Control

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Speaking about the growing population in India, CM said that

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday made an interesting comment on population control scenario in the country. Though the CM had mentioned about it earlier too, he was more elaborate this time to state his reasons.

Speaking about the growing population in India, CM said that there is a need to promote population growth in the country and not control it. He said that in order to keep up with the shift, the focus should be more on population promotion.

The CM spoke after launching four health schemes in Vijayawada on his 66th birthday. “Till now, our focus was population (control) but now we have to promote population growth. The trend has changed. Japan and China are facing problems because of an aged (or ageing) population and they are now promoting population. We should do the same. In our state, infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate are slowly declining.” he said.

Earlier, the CM has expressed the same idea last January, referring to the ratio of young and elderly people at a village in Eluru. He urged people to have more children so that the state has a healthy young population.
Source – Express News Service



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