CM Launches CodeforAP, NRI Tech Support To AP

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu launched the CodeforAP program in Vijayawada today.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Minister said that CodeforAP is supporting Andhra Pradesh. “During Pushkaralu, our government has worked on getting crowd feedback through IVRS system. That worked well. We now want Code for AP to work on applications that will not only support the government but also come up with innovative ideas for delivering citizen services.”

“One in four techies in the US are from India. Among them, 1 or 2 belong to Andhra Pradesh. This shows how we have been able to create a good ecosystem for engineers from Telugu state. We will now create a better ecosystem in the new state of Andhra Pradesh to promote talent and innovation”, he said, adding that he appreciates CodeforAP for contributing to the state. “This is their way of giving back to the society.”

CodeforAP ( is a non-profit organization in the US that currently supports Andhra Pradesh in various technology based applications such as e-governance, economic and social development, delivering citizen services, health and social services, rural education and agriculture.

Founded on July 4th 2015, the organisation has 100 volunteers working with 30 government departments, offering them technology-based solutions to streamline work. Some of the projects that are currently in pipeline are:

  1. Dial an Expert”, a concept that bridges gaps between government officials and citizens,
  2. Open Directory” a project that keeps track of all the government personnel with their contact details.

Volunteers who run the organisation from the United States with local support say that this is their way of contributing to Andhra Pradesh, helping the state grow into a digitally-empowered and a knowledge-based economy.

code2 CM Launches CodeforAP, NRI Tech Support To AP

Details of the products worked on by CodeforAP so far:

  1. Central Fund Monitoring Portal
  • First of its kind application for a State Government. This portal will enable each of these departments to have a thorough understanding of any new scheme floated by the Union Government. Further, the portal gives access all the progress made on the funds acquisition in a snapshot for the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO).
  • This portal will also help keep the CMO abreast with the progress of individual departments availing funds. Further, it also allows each department to post updates and monitor progress.
  1. Mobile Device Management
  • Government officials working on field activities are empowered with latest tablets & smartphones for data collection purposes.
  • Mobile Device Management is a portal that eases the operational work load of the IT&C department. This Portal has an App Service interface that runs on every Tab on field and up links the required data to the central data base.
  • The dashboard provides an interface for authorized officials to know the details of the personnel on field and their active status, reports of the data usage, department-wise monitoring, Scheme-wise monitoring, etc.,
  1. Sentry Gate / MPass
  • The Sentry Gate Pass system is an advanced automation system that empowers the Security Department to allow access to any visitor through a Smart Tab. Any visitor can access the App and raise a request for the particular department he/she is visiting by mentioning the purpose of visit to Secretariat.
  • The User Interface to the portal provides access to the Secretaries of Individual Departments accept or reject the visit. Once notified as accepted, the security tablet PC is informed about the clearance after which security personnel conduct physical security check and allow the visitor.
  • This system will keep a track of the visitor’s vehicles that enter and exit Secretariat as well provides valuable inputs like the number of visitors per department.
  1. News Room
  • News Room is a free Android application that lets the user access leading Indian newspapers in English and Telugu from anywhere in the world.
  • The application allows the user to download and read newspapers both online and offline. Additional functionalities include Automatic Download of favorite newspapers every morning, access to all the available local & main editions and papers up to seven days ago. All free of cost!
  • You can download the app for your Android phone or tablet from Google Play Store for free of cost and keep up with everyday news:

Source – AP CMO



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