CM Inspects the Paathala Ganga Ghat and Pushkaram Works

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CM Inspects the Paathala Ganga Ghat

With Krishna Pushkarams just around the corner, CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu made it a point to personally investigate the progress of the Ghats work. Contrary to what the officials expected, the CM is not at all happy with the progress.

Mr Naidu expressed great dissatisfaction looking at the tardy work done. With the holy Pushkarams just around the corner, he warned that contractors who made mistakes will be blacklisted.

So far, only less than 50 percent work has been completed as compared to the set deadline. The CM gave the ultimatum that service providers and the departmental heads will have to face the disciplinary action if the work is not delivered as per the standards and the timelines.

“Don’t compromise on quality and complete pending work by July-end,” he was heard telling the officials. He affirmed that they will be answerable for any spill-over work and that the quality of work would be checked subsequently.

The CM also requested for the submission of an integrated action plan of all the departments who are executing this work in under a week. He also christened the Krishna Haarathi as Pavithra Harati.

Mr Naidu also confirmed that PM Sri Narendra Modi has been invited for the inauguration of the Pushkarams.

Great plans are in store for the Krishna Pushkarams this year. Several cultural and thematic festivals will be organised in Vijayawada, Amaravati and Srisailam. A special laser show is planned in Vijayawada and Srisailam. The inaugural function is set to be held on August 11th, hereafter there will be everyday programs.

Mr. Naidu also planted a sapling, putting pebbles in a soak-pit built on the premises of the Kurnool Collectorate. He heard the Pushkaram theme song at the end.



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