CII’s Earnest Efforts to Promote Vizag To Take Off

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The Andhra Pradesh Tourism department is all set to promote Visakhapatnam as a tourist brand that would attract the Indian and International tourists alike to the city. In order to get this idea underway, the department is planning CII Tourism Conclave, a two day meeting along with the Confederation of Indian Industry in the city on February 24th and 25th.

G.S. Shivakumar, the chairman of the Andhra Pradesh zone of CII stated that in the past couple of years, Vizag has been host to a number of important events, thus making it to the headlines. However, he feels that a more focused approach and better marketing strategies is what is required to promote the city on a larger scale and get it noticed worldwide. He further added that with this idea in mind, he has invited about 25 companies known for their experience in destination promotion, to discuss strategies and ask for their help to put the city on the map of global tourism.

According to Neeraj Sarda, who is the convener of CII’s tourism panel, they intend to promote not just Visakhapatnam but Vijayawada and Tirupati too as major tourist destinations. He said that they will start with Vizag and then use similar strategies to promote the other two cities. He feels that the Indian tourists have been flocking Visakhapatnam for long but it is time to grab the attention of the international tourists too. The main aim of this meeting according to him would be to formulate strategies that will get Vishakhapatnam a place in the eastern tourist circuit. Neeraj Sarda thinks that international tourists can easily access the city, thanks to the improved air connectivity.

Praveen Kumar, the district collector of Visakhapatnam agrees to the promotion of tourism citing it to have a positive effect on the economy as well as other sectors too. He added that tourism will not only benefit the city’s economy but will also enhance the lifestyle of the people, thereby resulting in a broadened outlook. The collector thinks that efforts should be made to put the existing resources of tourism to better use. He added that in the past few years, a number of MoUs have been signed during the various CII summits to improve tourism in the city and the district. He said that all efforts would be made to get these projects underway.



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