Chittoor Celebrates Gangamma Jatara

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The famous Gangamma Jatar begins today in Chittoor. Massive arrangements have been made to that effect by the district police, to welcome the people with their full spirit. Gangamma Jatara will be celebrated today (May 17) and tomorrow (May 18).

People come dressed in various mythological outfits to enjoy and participate in the event. The tradition dates back to more than one and half centuries old, and was celebrated in the then Madras Province that fell under the British Raj. The main essence of the Jatara is to bring together people from all regions and celebrate in fervor and unison.

Another ritual called as Chatimpu (announcement) is done a week prior to the main event, preparing people to make time to come forward and take part in the event.

The two days of Gangamma Jatara will see the people of Chittoor and surrounding villages throng to the festival, wearing different attires as part of the proceedings. Gangamma Jatara is celebrated in the open and not in the temple premises, unlike the Tirupati Jatara.

A specially decorated idol of the Goddess Shakti will be erected on the Bazaar street, where people will get together and pay respects.

The Jatara will conclude tomorrow with the idol immersion at Kattamanchi tank in the town.



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