CBN and Microsoft Join Hands for School Dropouts

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There is no telling when a child will be dropped out of the school with a mere gut feeling. There is no system in place yet, that can analyse and predict the most possible score of school students getting dropped out next year. With an increasing pressure on the educational system to keep tabs on the situation, AP State Govt has decided to act on the same immediately and address the problem.

Now, CM N Chandrababu Naidu’s administration has joined hands with Microsoft to triangulate and collect information from a number of databases, and that includes the Aadhaar system. The data will be filtered into Microsoft’s machine learning platform, using the company’s software to arrive at the possible ‘at-risk’ children. This platform will enable schools to “monitor” students as they move throughout their academic journey.

This ambitious project will involve representatives from both Microsoft as well as AP State Government working on the Big Data to look at definitive matrices that give the most likely cases of school drop outs and what can be done to help the students cope.

The statistics that have put on the matter of numbers of dropout look ironic in the present times. Various organizations now put the school dropouts from the government schools roughly in the range of 40% (before 8th standard) and 64%. Andhra Pradesh will have a streamlined data with the implementation of this project, looking specifically at promising girl students who are also made to drop out due to economic reasons.

Data Puts Control on the Numbers

Putting in an algorithmic regulation creates controls on the stats. With Microsoft’s collaboration on the project, it will now be easy to have a pulse on the exact state of schools in AP and their overall efficiency.

“We get data from our schools, on dropouts, three months down the line. Everything has a time-lag and therefore it’s tough to take decisions and understand what works. A comprehensive look has not been taken at which school locations do better than one another when it comes to dropouts,” the official, who didn’t wish to be identified, said to a leading newspaper.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft met CM Mr Naidu last year and signed a number of agreements to use the software giant’s machine learning software and apply them in the areas of education, agriculture and e-citizen services. According to Microsoft, these solutions would be “built and deployed to address specific problems within each of the fields to achieve better outcomes for the state.”

Building Data – Massive But not Impossible

The pilot project run by both the parties earlier this year had covered a little over 1,000 schools and used the data of 50,000 students, was restricted to tenth standard students.



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