Call Sign Change – Mangalagiri, now Officially State’s Global IT Park

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Mangalagiri is few hours away from becoming the global IT destination. Minister for IT Nara Lokesh will inaugurate 16 IT companies in Mangalagiri today, promised to generate about 1,795 jobs in the next two to three years. The inauguration will happen at Mangalagiri NRI Tech Park. The companies that will be inaugurated will start with 650 jobs in the pilot phase. Out of 16, four of the companies will be set up at Phcycare IT Park and the rest in the NRI Tech Park.

Out of them, the highest number of jobs will be from Make My Clinic India Pvt Limited, a company that deals with Healthcare IT and product development. This company will generate 300 jobs. Another 250 jobs are being provided by BVG India Limited, another health services provider.

This is a new milestone for the state, welcoming seamless possibilities in employment, revenue generation and sustaining business ecosystem.



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