Buddhist Branding On All Govt’s Presentations

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Amaravati is undoubtedly the current and future centrifuge of Andhra Pradesh. To this effect, Buddhist legacy of Amaravati will be more than noticed as the new capital city embarks on its journey to develop into one of the biggest capital cities of India.

The Buddhist history is rich and deeply ingrained in the soil and spirit of Amaravati. The ancient Mahayana Buddhism was practiced here, as old as 2nd century AD. The AP Govt has now decided to use the Buddhist motifs and structures on all their presentations and pitches to the potential investors in East and South East Asia.

It should be remembered that the Japanese Minister, Yosuke Takagi fondly mentioned about the nostalgic Buddha connect between Japan and India. This proves that the ancient past vastly connects emotionally with all the flourishing economies of Singapore, Japan and China.

Even the closest of CM’s advisors have been recently using the great Buddhist Stupa motif on all their vital presentations and visuals to investors.

Going back to the master plan that was submitted by the Singapore government, the presentation itself begins with a large size image of Amaravati Dhyana Buddha in a meditating posture. The formal invitations of the Amaravati Foundation Ceremony also bore the great lotus medallion of the ancient Amaravati Stupa. This Buddhist connect will go a long way, rekindling the historic past with the prospective present within the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Large scale efforts are also in vogue by the AP govt to restore the niche Amaravati Buddhist monuments present in the British Museum, London, back to their home town.



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