Bridge International Academies Partners With AP In Education

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Shannon May, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Bridge International Academies met Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and expressed interest to partner with the the state in making it a Knowledge hub.

During the meeting, the Chief Minster sought Bridge International Academies’ support to strengthen the delivery of early childhood education and primary education in the state. He said that the Group can use the low-cost technology it has pioneered in, to radically improve the learning outcomes through accountable delivery at scale.

Bridge International Academies currently educates hundred thousand children in more than 400 academies in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. Their foray into India starts with this exciting partnership.

Bridge International Academies is world’s largest and fast growing low-cost education services provider working with children from underserved communities for pre-primary and primary education. It is backed by leading investors such as Bill Gates (Founder, Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook), Khosla Ventures, IFC (World Bank Group), and others.

Ms. May informed the Chief Minister that India office of Bridge International Academies will be headquartered in Vijayawada and soon move to Amaravathi, the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

She added that “It is rare to find a visionary like Chief Minister Naidu who leads his government with data-driven decision making, a leader who sees the importance of school accountability in delivering learning outcomes for our children. We are looking forward to serving as a partner to Andhra Pradesh in the decades to come.”



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