Bonalu Fete at Indrakeeladri

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The festive mood on the top of Indrakeeladri skyrocketed to a different level on Sunday (26 July) when the devotees from Hyderabad visited Sri Kanaka Durga Temple and performed their traditional trademark, Bonalu for the Goddess. The devotees also offered the sacred ‘Bonam’ and silk clothes to the Goddess Durga.

The procession kicked off from the Brahmin Street until the temple premises with colorful Potharajus, who drew the attention of the devotees with their gyrations to the rhythmic drum beats. The group caught the attention of the onlookers with their faces filled colored vermilion and turmeric.

The devotees from Hyderabad went around the lanes and by lanes of the temple and offered ‘bonam’ made of rice, jaggery and curd. Artists, who transformed themselves into demons and goddesses, danced along with the Potharajus. A pot made of copper and silver decorated in the form of goddess, known as Ghatam, was also carried during the procession.

The festivity marked an uncanny mix of Hyderabadi tradition on the streets of Bezawada. “We are following this tradition every year and offering ‘bonam’ and ‘pattu vastraalu’ to the goddess before the main bonalu festival in Secunderabad and Hyderabad.” Hyderabad’s Old City Ummadi Devalayala Uregimpu Committee chairman Ale Bhaskar Raj said. Though the two States have been divided, the committee aspires to continue the tradition for the well-being of Telugu speaking people in the two States and in the country.



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