AP’s Guizhou Association Takes Off A Great Start

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AP’s New Sister State Guizhou Signs Three New MoUs post its association.

Barely a day after signing the sister state MoU with the Guizhou Province, AP has entered into three out of six MoU s with its new soul sister. CM’s China tour bore fruit when the state govt signed 6 MoUs with Chinese players for setting up business in various projects.

Power China Guizhou Engineering Corporation

The power player from Guizhou has entered into a MoU with a proposal to invest in infrastructure, renewable energy, power transmission and distribution with the AP Economic Development Board. This agreement when takes off will create 10,000 news jobs

Guizhou Maritime Silk

The Guizhou Maritime Silk Road International Investments will also invest in the proposed industrial park, contributing directly to planning, designing, construction and development.

Guizhou Chang Taiyang

The energy saving building material company has signed an MoU towards construction of modern building materials manufacturing park.

Though the complete list has not been disclosed by the CM Office, other MoUs were also signed with the likes of China State Construction Fourth Engineering Division, South Huiton and ACEDRILLS Rock Tools.

With more collaborations coming the AP’s way, the Guizhou association begins its long journey with its sister state in India.



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