AP’s First Half Yearly Growth Report Revealed

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu released the report on the “Quarterly Performance Assessment Report Q2 (July-September) 2015” at the two-day Collectors’ Conference here in Vijayawada.

AP has achieved a remarkable 11.77% growth rate in the half- yearly report. Here are the numbers

13.94% growth rate achieved in Quarter 2
Agriculture & allied sectors perform well
Administrative city of Amaravati to be completed by 2018: CM

The new state is making a significant impact, achieving its target of inclusive double-digit growth. After achieving 9.72% in the Quarter 1, the state’s economy has achieved 13.94% in the second quarter. Put together, the half yearly growth performance (H1) stands impressive at 11.77% against the target of 10.62%.

The achievement for Quarter 2 was impressive at 13.94% surpassing the target of 10.82%.The targeted growth rate for Quarter 1 was 10.44%, while the achievement was 9.72%.Put together, the half yearly growth performance (H1) stands impressive at 11.77% against the target of 10.62%.

The state government is currently working on the comprehensive Double Digit Growth Plan to achieve a per-capita income over Rs. 10 lakh by 2029-30.The growth target for 2015-16 at constant prices stands at 10.8%. There is a swift upward surge in the Agriculture&allied sectors which have registered a phenomenal growth rate at 47.1% at Constant prices. Fisheries and Livestock are the main contributors for the significant growth not only in Agriculture but also to overall GSDP.

In its innovative approach, The Andhra Pradesh government has initiated the process of releasing estimates of the state economic aggregates on a quarterly basis on par with the Central Statistical Organization, Government of India. Elaborating on the Vision 2029, the Chief Minister said that Andhra Pradesh must be developedas the best state in the country by 2029 and best destination in the world by 2050.

For this, registering double digit growth is an important step towards achieving inclusive growth and bringing about a structural change in the economy, he said.The Chief Minister also explained the various efforts the government has put in building the state’s capital. He announced that the administrative city of Amaravati will be completed by 2018.He appreciated the officials and ministers who have helped achieve this. Stressing on the need to achieve sustained growth in agriculture for the stabilization of the economy, the Chief Minister said that the primary sector performed well in spite of deficit rainfall this year.

“With adequate resources, we must be able to perform better,” he added.The Chief Minister said that the interlinking of river is the biggest achievement of the government. By providing 8 TMCs of water, we were able to save over 8 lakh hectares of land, he said. He also complemented the officials for the successful implementation of government’s Neeru-Chettu programme.

He cited Chittoor and Nellore districts as an example, where the groundwater levels were effectively recharged.

The Chief Minister congratulated the Energy Department for bagging awards in effective power management. He suggested other departments to set global benchmarks to achieve better results.

He further elucidated the status of various welfare programmes and directed the collectors to clear any hurdles before Janmabhoomi in January. He directed the district collectors to achieve inclusive double-digit growth while giving importance to welfare, development and services.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister set a strong tone against spurious liquor, loan racket, and corruption in the new state. Such incidents are tarnishing the image of new capital, he said. He suggested incorporating effective technological practices to curb corruption.

The Chief Minister said that the Collector’s Conference is an important platform which not only offers space for district officials to highlight challenges but also provide solutions on the way forward, to improve the overall performance of districts.



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