AP Water Resources Department’s New Neeru Chettu Monitor Sheet Rolled Out

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The new Neeru Chettu Monitoring Sheet has been rolled out by the state’s Water Resources Department. The sheet looks coherent and to the point, revealing the exact statistics for water that is utilized towards irrigation.

13 districts have been covered into the sheet, breaking down the details into sub categories. This sheet proves to be extremely beneficial for the farmers and the rest to see the total number of projects that have been sanctioned and those that are in progress.

The sheet is broken down into the following categories:

Tanks having ayacut more than 100 acres
Tanks having ayacut less than 100 acres
Total number of tanks
Total number of cascades
Total quantity spent as against the amount of expenditure in crores
Total number of works that have been sanctioned
Total number of works that are in progress
Desilting quantity in machinery
Tank Bund strengthening earth work in quantites
Concrete quantity for sluices and weirs
Shutters used in repairs and replacement

The sheet also shows the expenditure spent year wise.

This sheet has been well calibrated and will be frequently updated by the administration, bringing to light the exact numbers.

Track the Neeru Chettu Report here




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