AP to Access TV, Telephone & Internet at Just Rs 150

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Looks like Andhra Pradesh will see the rise of super-fast fiber optic technology directly enhancing the internet usage. Huge savings on broadband and WiFi bills are ahead for Andhra. Soon, people of AP will not be expending more than Rs 150 on their internet bills.

AP State Government is all set to make the high powered fiber optic cable connectivity come true for the new state of Andhra Pradesh. The mission is to offer super-fast internet to every household in the state. Reasonably priced and highly efficient technology made possible with one single wire. This also opens up better channels of communication between the residents and their loved ones settled anywhere else in the world.

It is noteworthy to mention that Andhra Pradesh will be the first of the states in India to implement affordable high speed fiber optic technology at such throw away rates. Even Kerala and Tamil Nadu stand far behind in this momentum. Vizag will be the first city to experience this phenomenon by way of fiber linking that will commence at the end of March. The optic fiber linking that will begin at Visakhapatnam will proceed on to cover close to 60% of the state and an eventual 100 % in no time.

Check out the below mind blowing packages that are rated at Rs 149 at the base level. Optimal usage of data with unbelievable offer on telephone connection. Access of speed from 15 Mbps and an unlimited data of 5 GB. Packages begin from Rs 149 and go on till Rs 2499, based on the nature and size of usage.

rates AP to Access TV, Telephone & Internet at Just Rs 150

The prevailing high speed internet players are bound to be threatened by this superior technology all set to boost AP like never before.



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