AP Purse – Your One Stop Platform for All Major Wallets and Banks!!

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The most awaited AP Purse has been launched by the Chief Minister, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu. Contrary to what was predicted earlier, AP Purse serves the people as a one stop platform. With AP Purse, the user will now have access to 13 mobile banking and 10 mobile wallets at one go.

The CM spoke on the occasion and said that such an access will empower the users to pay all their bills effortlessly. AP Purse becomes the answer for all the cashless transactions and makes the state go completely digital.

The CM also said that state government will soon be introducing Marpu Nestams, agents who will educate people about digital financial literacy. These agents will receive incentives from the state government for training the people and making them digitally literate.

To this effect, Mr Naidu has already urged all the engineering students to take part in the digital momentum by way of training those who are lacking. The CM stressed that government will surely appreciate and recognize the efforts of students and colleges who will take the initiative.



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