AP Govt To Use Predictive Analytics To Improve Efficiency

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With a mission to become a digitally-empowered state, the Government of Andhra Pradesh is working on using predictive analytics to plug leakages and identify loopholes in the system to increase accountability.

Emphasising on measuring the work to outcome impact, Chief Minister Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu today instructed the IT&C Department to work on this model which helps the government analyse the gaps in the system.

During a review meeting held here today, the Chief Minister was informed that a pilot is being carried out in four districts on 14 essential commodities.

“Through predictive analytics with indicators such as rainfall, crop out data, fuel prices and CPI, we are predicting fluctuations in essential commodities for the next few months. That way, the government can save transport and logistics costs. This is generally used for demand-driven forecasting by huge manufacturing companies,” the Chief Minister was informed.

Impressed with the model, the Chief Minister suggested them to use predictive analytics in the power sector, water resources department, tax collections, GSDP data as well as to analyse public perception of the government.

pred AP Govt To Use Predictive Analytics To Improve Efficiency

In the power sector, predictive analytics tools will be used to gauge the demand and supply of power in the state and to predict the amount of power the government will have to purchase based on the consumption patterns. “You can begin working with discoms on this immediately. This will also help us conserve energy. This was we can identify where we a failing and take positive interventions to reduce operating and maintenance (O&M) costs,” the Chief Minister said.

For instance: Predictive analytics enables O&M personnel to address equipment issues before they become problems that significantly affect operations. Loads could be shifted to reduce asset strain or the necessary maintenance could be scheduled during a planned outage, if possible. Other benefits include increased asset utilization and the ability to identify under performing assets.

These advanced analytics solutions can identify problems days, weeks or months before they occur, giving time for the government to resolve issues immediately.

Similarly, in agriculture, the Chief Minister suggested that predictive analytics could be used to predict the success of a crop based on the rainfall, soil health and soil type. “Compare this data with countries which achieve best crop output in the world. That way, we will know where we have failed and where/how to improve our processes to target such high yields,” the Chief Minister said.

Even on government programs, the Chief Minister sought perception analysis among public. “Based on the daily news, I want an analysis suggesting the sentiment related to particular topics among public. Compare this with the government’s work in the sector and also include publicity material used for it. Combining all this, give me a report which will help our government identify communication gaps and improve processes immediately. This data will be used for execution,” he added.

Under water resources department, predict the rainfall based on the data available. “We are already monitoring the water levels through Piezometres in all water sources in the state. Using that real-time data, provide solutions which will help us come up with cost-effective methods for light irrigation from the nearest water sources, etc.”

Stating that the same technology should be applied to solving public grievances on MeeKosam, the Chief Minister said every non-financial grievance can be solved in this approach. “Financial ones, however, can be brought to my attention,” the Chief Minister said, adding that the department could also exploring the possibility of Mobile MeeSeva keeping the Application Programming Interface (API) open for any developer interested to develop a mobile app on MeeSeva.

“I want to use predictive analytics in: 1) transforming Andhra Pradesh into a knowledge society. Your report should highlight how I can do this by equipping people of the state wth necessary skills and motivating them constantly. 2) In creating an effective water management system in the state 3) To ensure that every DWCRA women is self-employed and financial independent. Submit analysis and reports on how to take these forward immediately,” the Chief Minister explained.

For this, the Chief Minister ordered for immediate digitisation of all files in the state including districts. “If digitisation of district-level files also happens and I have a predictive analysis report, I can identify the loopholes immediately with every department I review and can make necessary positive interventions or corrections.”

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