AP Govt Invites Applications From Start Ups For Innovation Awards

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If you are a start-up or an IT company that has an annual turnover below Rs.50 lakh, you are eligible to apply for AP Innovation Awards.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh values innovative ideas and hence, wants to recognize innovative products/solutions that address societal problems. The start-ups and companies chosen for “Innovation Awards” will win Rs. 1 lakh per product.

The categories under which start-ups can apply for the Awards are:

  1. a) Technologies: IoT, SMAC, Semiconductor (Chip/device/System) design, Green IT
  2. b) Subjects: Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Digital Literacy, Rural Development, Smart Cities, Logistics Management, Integrated Water Management.

On the other hand, the Government of Andhra Pradesh also invites Suo Moto Proposals for products/solutions development by MSMEs. Any start-up or MSME/Enthusiastic first-generation technocrats or  Entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh, with an annual turnover between Rs. 50 lakh and Rs.25 crore, in Electronics and IT sectors can apply with suo moto proposal under this category.

The companies outside Andhra Pradesh can also apply under this scheme and will be subject to a few conditions under the scheme. The following is the criteria:

(i) The proposals should be based on the Blueprint published by GoAP or on the AP State Enterprise Architecture (both documents are accessible on the website: www.apit.ap.gov.in)

(ii) The following subjects/themes shall be considered under this category:

  1. a) Identity and Access Management,
  2. b) e-Service Delivery
  3. c) Cloud services,
  4. d) Knowledge Management,
  5. e) Software Defined Networks,
  6. f) Social Benefits Management Systems,
  7. g) Project Portfolio Management,
  8. h) Location Based services,
  9. i) Disaster Management,
  10. j) GIS-based applications in the areas of Urban Development, Agriculture & Rural

Development, Water Resources Management, Mines & Minerals, Forest &

Environment, Disaster Management, Tourism Development, Traffic Management,

Management of various assets through the use of GIS, Government/ Community lands


  1. k) Localization Products and Tools namely, content development in Telugu and thereby

bridging the digital divide, development of language technologies for text to speech and

speech to text, voice recognition, machine translation, voice web, to enable languageindependent

delivery of services.

  1. l) Use of Social Media by Government agencies.

The last date to submit applications for Innovation Awards and Suo Moto proposals is October 30, 2015.

For further details on application, please visit: http://apit.ap.gov.in/pdf/Notification%20-%20Innovation%20Awwrds.pdf or write to us [email protected]



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