AP Comes Out As A Major Contributor To Marine Exports In 2014-15

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As per the statistics revealed today, Andhra Pradesh came out as a major player in the agricultural sector, contributing to 46% of the marine exports in the country for 2014-15. The valuation of the marine exports from the state were estimated to be around INR 35,000 crore the previous year.

While the overall contribution of the fisheries sector to the nnation’s GDP stands at 6.04%, the total fish and prawn production in AP’s brackish and fresh waters was estimated at 19.78 Lakh Tonnes, valuing INR 21,325 Crore.

Aqua farmers from the state invest INR 5 Lakh on an acre of pong to raise shrimp. There has been a marginal benefit last year, thanks to the price fluctuation in the international markets, as revealed by a farmer. The fear persists, however, due to the prevailing drought situation.





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