Amendment of AP Reorganization Act Picks Momentum

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The heat wave is not all about summer this year. With the Center focused on amending the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act to increase the number of assembly seats across the two states, there is a lot of speculation riding on such an outcome.

Mr Venkaiah Naidu made it clear to the media that Home Ministry will soon write to the Law Ministry, which will in turn get the viewpoint of the Attorney General of India. The Center feels that this amendment of the AP Reorganization Act should be able to clear a lot of air surrounding many issues prevailing.

Chief Minister Mr N Chandrababu Naidu had also confirmed that both the states have written to the Center, asking for the implementation of section 26 in the matter, the section that makes way for increase of assembly seats in the AP legislature. The number of seats expected to increase are from 175 to 225, as against the Telangana, where it would be from 119 to 153.




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