Amaravati to Generate 1.5 Million Jobs by 2050

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Going by the current specs, AP government has set a target of offering 1.5 million jobs in the new capital Amaravati by 2050.

Major plans are underway, with 198 pages of the Amaravati capital city detailed master plan showcasing dreams of the future Andhra Pradesh. The Capital Regional Development Authority (CRDA) and Singapore designers have majorly relied on creation of infrastructure, employment, riverfront buildings and 20 per cent land for greenery, flood-resistant system and heritage and tourism road works in the final plan.

6,910 hectares has been allotted for residential area while 3,385 hectares for commercial, industrial purpose and 1,950 hectares for civic facilities and 6,390 hectares for parks and open space.

87 kilometers internal roads and 22 kilometers length Metro Rail have also been mentioned in the detailed master plan. The government had set the target of providing 1.5 million jobs and envisaged 2.5 million residents in the capital city by 2050.

Apart from this, 23 per cent land allotted for residential buildings, 2 per cent land for markets, 9 per cent for commercial usage, 6 per cent land for industries, 19 per cent land for parks, public places, 14 per cent area for infrastructure, 9 per cent land for water resources and public utilities and 6 per cent land for village needs.

Nevertheless, few changes are made in the present draft notification master plan against the capital plan.




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