Amaravati, The New Hope For Farmers In Srikakulam?

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The farmers of Srikakulam now have new hopes and aspirations for their future. And this has a direct connection with Amaravati, the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

After the formation of Amaravati, the total area under cultivation is estimated to go up to a staggering 40,000 acres. This means that the growth of Amaravati will directly build the lives and livelihood of farmers based out of the region and close to it. Particularly noted is Srikakulam, reputed for growing the best produce in the state.

Till now, these farmers were exporting their crop to far off markets located in Kolkata, Bhubhaneswar and Hyderabad. With the inception of Amaravati as the new metro city, the demand for their produce will automatically shoot up to exponential heights in their near vicinity.

Going by all the estimates with the likelihood of completion of Vamsadhara project, the existing 21,000 acres of land will rocket to nearly 40,000 acres. The state government’s plan to lay down a proper distributional network for the Thotapalli project will also add to the boost.

The close proximity of the new capital will also enhance the pricing of the crop at its sale value. As of now, all the exports that are happening to far off states are not giving any real benefits to the end farmers, but the middlemen who mooch away commission by facilitating cold storage and transport for the crop. The farmers, as a result of this are forced to sell their crop at lowest and unfair prices. But with Amaravati soon to be a ground reality, there will be a new market for the same farmers who will not have to rely on external factors while selling their produce. The farmers can sell what they grow at the price they want to, with immediate influx of demand and regular outflow of the crops into the new capital.




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