Amaravati Seed Capital Area Master Plan – First Look

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Take a look at the first look of the Amaravati Master Plan as released by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The Government of Singapore has presented the Seed Capital Area (SCA) Master Plan for Amaravati today here in Rajahmundry.

This also coincides with the ongoing Godavari Maha Pushkaram, marking the great beginnings of a historic capital city. The Seed Capital Area Master Plan is for an area of about 16.9

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu thanked Minister Iswaran and the entire team who have worked hard in a tight deadline-frame and have delivered the Master Plan for Capital Region, Capital City and the Seed Capital.

Here are the key highlights of the Seed Capital Area (SCA) Master Plan that was presented today:

1. The Seed Capital Area is planned for about 3 lakh residents. Being developed as a vibrant business hub, a total of about 7 lakh jobs are expected to be created in various sectors including government jobs.

2. The prime aspiration of the Seed Capital Area is to create a thriving state of the art Central Business District (CBD) for business and living.

3. The Seed Capital Area master plan provides nodes and development corridors from transit oriented development approach. The Seed Capital would be developed in overall 5 phases.

4. The various zones would mainly comprise of central business district, residential townships, institutions, parks and gardens, water bodies, recreational spaces, water front etc.

5. In line with the Capital City, the Seed Capital Area is planned on transit oriented development principles. To provide and enhance mobility and accessibility to the citizens, the master plan provides a transport hierarchy that comprises of an integrated network of metro rail network of about 12 kms, bus rapid transit of about 15 kms, downtown road of about 7 km, arterial roads and sub-arterial roads of about 26 kms and collector roads of about 53 kms, with varying broad right-of-ways.

6. The city is being planned on sustainable development principles, extensive large open green spaces have been planned that shall add value to the urban ecosystem. The landscape would create world class aesthetic appeal to make city liveable and attractive.

7. Special emphasis has been laid to enhance development of extensive walkways and pedestrianization interlinked with open and green spaces with a blue and green network of more than 25 kms to promote walk-to-work environment and non-motorized transport.

8. The iconic developments will include state-of-the-art government complex, city gateway, cultural centre, convention centre etc.

9. The Seed Capital Area master plan provisions for waste management systems that would enable innovative methods for waste collection, transportation, treatment and resource recovery such as Waste-to-Energy, thereby creating a resourceful, safe and healthy city.

11. The Seed Capital Area master plan integrates the existing habitat of capital city area and provides them with the best-in-class urban ecosystem.

12. The Seed Capital Area development will be implemented on Public Private Partnership by selecting Job Creation and Investment Partner.

Watch the Amaravati Seed Capital Master Plan Video here 



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