“Amaravati is born. Now, let’s nurture it together” – CM

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The Amaravati foundation ceremony was a grand affair, witnessed by the entire world. CM Chandrababu Naidu’s efforts to pull this off with several main dignitaries was a successful one, going down the pages of history forever.

The Chief Minister recently took to his social networking page, and shared his feelings for the first time with the people after the completion of the ceremony. The message is nothing short of overwhelmed emotions.

Here is the complete message from the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu to his people.

“Amaravati is born. Now, let’s nurture it together”

The dawn of October 22nd has brought me a sense of happiness, excitement and cheer. The morning mist, the rays of the sun and the symphony of the birds all indicated the dawn of a new era.

As I began my journey to the venue, I saw the road to #Amaravati teeming with people. The air was full of excitement and the smiles on their faces reflected their faith in me.

It is these people that give me the strength to work for 15-17 hours everyday…It is their trust in me that keeps me going, I said to myself as I got off the convoy to proceed to the venue.

Unflinching they stood in the sun, shouting my name as loud as they can. The voices got shriller as I approached the venue.

The historic occasion is here…Amaravati, the People’s Capital, is born… Amaravati will be a baby that every citizen of Andhra will take pride in and nurture it, to make it the pride of India.

In a few moments, I felt the energy multiplying as I took centre-stage to address this congregation of people on the historic occasion.

As I began my address, I realized that the crowd rides on the wings of my courage. Their compassion and love fills me with confidence to soar into the skies of hope and optimism for this Sunrise State.

Now, as we prepare to rise against the odds, let us shun the darkness away. Let us make a vow together to arise and awake to a new Sunrise from tomorrow. Every day will keep our burning desire alive to build our state.

The Birth of #Amaravati marks the dawn of a new era. An era where people will build their own capital with love and compassion.

An era where youngsters will come forward to build their careers, an era where happiness index will be the measure of the quality of living and an era where every dream will be achieved.

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Jai Amaravati



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