A Big City Exists Beneath Malkapuram

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The ancient historical Malkapuram village situated on the Vijayawada-Amaravathi main road reflects the culture of Kakatiyas and Golconda Kings and this was the first capital city in the ancient times. Sadly the ancient big Sivalayam with Koneru (stone faced water tank with steps) was occupied by people and they constructed houses on the ruins of the temple.

Malkpuaram was a very ancient village of capital region which once flourished as capital during the regime of the Kakatiyas, the Reddy dynasty, Kotadurgama kings, Kondaveeti kingdom and Golconda kingdom. According to history, Malkapuram in 1270 Kakatiya King, Ganapathi Devudu with princess Rudrama Devi visited Malkapuram area and formed a big city Rudramadevipuram. The city was constructed by Kakatiya sculptor, Visewasara with Visweswara Golaki Matham, Saiva Vignana Viswavidyalayam (Saiva University), hospital, big market, opera, hostels and others. 52 Dravida pandits and 15 Kashmiri classical dancers appointed to teach education and dance.

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Further, various kings ruled Rudramadevipuram but later the local Zamindars revolted against Golconda king, Mohammed Khuli Qutub Shah. Hence the king sent a military battalion led by Ameen Mallik to control the situation in 1514 and later the place was renamed as Malkapuram.

Interestingly a certain woman is doing the job of priest in the ancient Siva temple constructed by Rani Rudrama Devi. Sk. Aruna, residing opposite to the ancient temple performs the Pujas every day. She said that previously the place was a big Siva temple with several other temples along with a Koneru. Later people started to occupy the land and constructed houses on the ruins of the temple.

Till day, the ruined Koneru is visible beside the Vijayawada-Amaravathi main road. There are two inscriptions, one beside the temple and another in the verandah of a house.

The inscriptions of 25 March 1261 describe the village history in 200 Sanskrit Slokas (Stanzas) and local demanding protection of these inscription and modernization of 800 years old temple complex.

Senior citizen of Malkapuram, N. Venkateswarlu said that the huge ancient temple complex, Saiva University, opera and other ancient structures can be found if the government removes encroachments and it would be like Mohenjo-daro.

The government should start excavations to protect the ancient monuments of Malkapuram.



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