3D Amaravati Enthralls Farmers

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The magnificent ceremony of the Amaravati foundation may be over, but there is one aspect at the venue that keeps attracting the local farmers time and again to go watch.

A specialist team of officials from Singapore associated with urban planning and the Amaravati City Master Plan-2050 managed to leave an impeccable sign among the local farmers.

A stunning 3D design of the Amaravati capital region prepared by the Singapore team, including the Seed Development Master Plan, was kept on display at the foundation ceremony venue. The 3D Amaravati is still there and will remain open till November 7.

This 3D design is highly emotional for the farmers, particularly the majority lot who gave their piece of land towards the development purposes of the new capital city.

The 3D design clearly shows what facility or project falls within various limits of the villages. The design also presents a clarity on the areas where the Assembly, Secretariat, Ministries, State Gallery, Canal parks and other facilities have been proposed in the new capital city.

The engaging real to life design also shows the water body areas falling within the capital region, and projects such as wetland park, jetty downtown and downtown core.

The complete 3D Amaravati design has 27 components, that cover the entire Amaravati City Master Plan and Capital Region.

Farmers are simply loving these attractive and promising visuals of their new capital city, empowering them to understand the plan in the most convenient way.

In fact, most farmers are revisiting the venue time and again with their families to look back at the 3D version of their developed piece of land with pride. Tourists and visitors are also allowed to have a glimpse of this 3D Amaravati.



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