CM Implores Japanese Delegates to Invest in AP

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Japanese delegates in Vijayawada

CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu made it a point to make use of the occasion and talk about investments during the recent meeting with the Japanese delegates in Vijayawada.

Welcoming the delegates cordially to a ‘Public Private Joint’ conference, Mr Naidu brought up the topic of possible investment opportunities in Andhra Pradesh and how the timing is right for the investors to make a move in the state.

Delegates like Yosuke Takagi, Japanese minister and politician, heard Mr Naidu’s viewpoints on how such investments will turn out to be a win win outcomes for both the sides. Clearly, CM’s ‘precise business pitch’  has reached the ears of the investors who are already looking at new state of Andhra Pradesh as the most viable destination for their offshore business establishments.

The key delegates spent a considerable amount of time at the conference, putting together ideas, expectations and the possible plans in the coming days.

Japanese CM Implores Japanese Delegates to Invest in AP

Japanese2 CM Implores Japanese Delegates to Invest in AP



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