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We welcome you to be a part of the magical journey called Kosta Life, the true spirit of Andhra Pradesh.
Over the generations, Andhra has been the motherland of heroes and warriors, who fought against time, tide and adversities to restore land’s glory. The terra of various dictions, accents and historical importance stood through centuries of battles, empires reigned by the magnificent Satavahanas, Ikshvakus, Kakatiyas and Vijayanagaras. Andhra is not just another hieroglyph of civilization. It has been the centre of learning, culture, tradition and most importantly, values.

Some of the country’s greatest literary hail from Andhra. Some of the mightiest leaders are from Andhra. Be it any field in the current scenario, the world is bound to see an allusion of Andhra. Starting from the innovative Silicon Valley of California (Read Satya Nadella) to the global visionaries on the home ground who make the Hitech Cities happen, Andhra continues to give birth to both the history changers and makers.

We have built world’s greatest airports, pioneered global scientific projects, led landmark political movements in the history that would be remembered for the eras to come. The towering sons and daughters of Andhra have practically placed India on a new horizon for other continents to see, ingest and applaud in various sectors.

This home of visionaries, leaders and thinkers is not just about fertile soil, but fruitful outcomes. The flourishing Andhra continues to dazzle and mesmerize thousands of tourists every year, leaving a striking impact on their minds.

The rise of the new Andhra Pradesh as a Sunrise State denotes a poetic relevance to a phoenix from the ashes. Perhaps greater than that. There is a great faith in the people who believe that new Capital City will change the way world sees the land of the victorious and the glorious. We aspire to work in collaboration, to be the inner voice and introspect.

Kosta Life is the brainchild of few passionate and successful individuals from Andhra who made a mark in their respective businesses and shown their vision to the world. They wanted a single, simple platform that talks, lives and breathes all the updates from the region and from people outside who belong to it.

We hope that our varied sections into Culture, History, People, Entertainment and Gallery will reconnect you with your place. Whether you are close to your fount or not, we are here to make you feel the spirit.

Enjoy the feeling, Have a great read!

Deepa Balasubramanian Avasarala
Sub-Editor, Kosta Life




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