Vizagites Sport Insane Ability to Accomplish Great Things

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Vizagites - they are 'all or nothing' people

Small town boys and girls making it large in life is always an enchanting tale. Such stories inspire us, allow us to dream bigger and accomplish further. Men and women of Visakhapatnam, aka Vizagites are known for their impeccable ability to make things happen in life. True, Vizag is not a small time city anymore, but the fact of the matter remains timeless – people of Visakha do not bother about constraints.

We may be going crazy about Revanth who has made it to the top 5 of Indian Idol, but there are many more astounding examples that come from the region. Be it the musicians, singers, actors, sports persons, businessmen or politicians, Vizagites have always proved their mettle in whatever they pursued.

Another interesting thing about Vizagites – they are ‘all or nothing’ people. They embrace anything with full throttle, only to hit the bull’s eye. They do not rest until results are achieved. Hard work comes as part of their existence. This explains multiple rags to riches stories from the region. People of Vizag dream big, play hard and go places.

Cyclones and floods do not stop this city – reason, the people over there do not believe in destiny like stuff. Folks of Vizag invest only on their own abilities to bring about shifts. They apply the same spirit to their city as well.

Modesty comes inherently to these folks of ours from the sea side. They do not like too much of brouhaha over anything. They stay low profile, regardless of their many achievements and milestones.

Vizagites make the people of Andhra rather proud, and they will continue to do so.



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