Get Set For Authentic Biryani in Vizag

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Yes, for those who still have to travel all the way to Hyderabad to dig into delicious Biryani, the ordeal is going to end soon. People of AP will now have their own Paradise restaurant in Visakhapatnam. That’s true! Paradise, the well known chain of restaurants specializing in Nawab style Biryani will be opening their first restaurant on the VIP Road, Vizag.

The location has been already identified, and soon renovation will begin to open the restaurant. For the local residents living in Vizag and nearby areas, this is a very good news. There are a plenty of Biryani lovers in AP and Paradise has nailed on their strategy by deciding to make a base for themselves in Andhra. Though Vizag is a start, word is that the globally loved food chain intends to expand to other parts of the state as well.

For those exhausted Biryani lovers who specifically commute to Hyderabad for a binge, time has indeed come to save the money.

Get set and enjoy the Biryani, now in Andhra Pradesh.



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