Vizag, Officially AP’s Richest City!!

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Yes, Visakhapatnam aka Mana Vizag is now the richest city of Andhra Pradesh. The Gajuwaka constituency has been declared as the richest across all the assembly segments in AP. The per capita income is reported to be the highest at Rs 2,64,332.

The stats have been revealed, where Ichapuram of Srikakulam stands at the bottom most with a per capits income of Rs 49, 905.

The state government has estimated the per capita incomes of all the constituencies for the very first time. Among the 175 constituencies, Vizag leads the show.

Future plan of action will be arrived at, based on the final figures that stand in a very volatile manner at present. The PCI has been arrived at, on the basis of gross value added across industry, services, agriculture and all the critical sectors.

Visakhapatnam district now shows the highest average per capita income with Rs 1,24,171. This is followed with Krishna district at second place with Rs 1,22,773 PCI. Apart from Ichapuram, Vizianagaram district has the lowest per capita income with an average of Rs 76,623. Interestingly, CM’s consituency Kuppam stands last among all the assembly segments with a PCI of Rs 61,115

The list looks somewhat like this (Highest Avg PCI in Rs)

Vizag – Rs 1,24,171
Krishna – Rs 1,22,773
Kakinada – 1,22,439
Tirupati – Rs 1, 00,935
Nellore – Rs 86, 868
Vijayawada East – Rs 1, 66,853
Vijayawada West – Rs 1, 63,849
Vijayawada Central – Rs 1, 63,849
Guntur East – Rs 1, 24,858
Guntur West – Rs 1,23,785
Vizianagaram – 76,623
Srikakulam – Rs 46,905



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