Vijayawada’s Amazing FaceLift – The CBN Effect

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“Our Vijayawada bus stand is better than the existing airport” say the onlookers, completely unaware and absolutely mesmerized with the new enhanced abode of bus commute in the city. But there is more to the story of two cities here.

Vijayawada and Amaravati, now seeing a steady rise with construction works and renovations only echo of one thing – brand CBN. The onlookers above are also in for another treat in under two months – the all new airport that will look better than the vibrant new bus stand that stands tall and cosy with two movie miniplexes inside it. The city of trade, business and comfortable livelihood is now undergoing some great changes, the transformation that is typical of Chandrababu Naidu regime. Advancement, style, interiors and technology – the city of Vijayawada is due for many more visual surprises in the coming months.

brand1 Vijayawada's Amazing FaceLift - The CBN Effect

The works are now in brisk pace, going side by side with the changes that are happening at Amaravati. The new Vijayawada airport will be a state of the art extravaganza, and this is pretty evident with the ‘first look’ that was released by the UK based architects who are working on the project with close deadline. Studio DRA had recently shared the first glimpse of what would be the new airport for the jaded commuters and frequent flyers – we are talking about stylish interiors, robust technology and metro level airport at par with the ones at Bengaluru and Mumbai. The airport will soon go international too, with the latest approvals made on the extended runways that will accommodate the landing of global air carriers.

brand2 Vijayawada's Amazing FaceLift - The CBN Effect

If the new airport is one angle to the CBN influence, the upcoming City Center is nothing short of its own buzz. A delightful getaway to the residents, the new City Center in progress is all about greenery, parks in a vast expanse and alluring club houses. The construction is now going on steady, with close deadlines as directed by the state government. The built that is ongoing on a 25 acre of government approved land, City Center will have spacious convention centres, gaming zones and exhibition centers within. Meaning, the residents and patrons can now look forward to a brand new destination for all their special and weekend activities.

brand3 Vijayawada's Amazing FaceLift - The CBN Effect

While the standard renovations are in due progress, the Naidu effect is also cast clearly upon the upcoming Krishna Pushkarams, which will be nothing short of grandiose rendition. The Ghat and venue arrangements that are ongoing are nothing short of next level here. Forget about the history, a new milestone will be set this year.

Trendset Vijayawada's Amazing FaceLift - The CBN Effect

The city of Vijayawada is a flurry of excitement with malls and shopping centers, and more is in store for the shopping lovers and movie goers. Grand malls like Trendset, PVP and LEPL Icon have already made their base at prime parts of the city, offering unending entertainment and recreation to the residents and locals.

Vijayawada is turning a new leaf along with its sister capital next door. The impact is clear – when Mr Naidu wants a change, that would be nothing short of ‘version upgraded’. Vijayawada is all set for the CBN style revamp and possibilities.



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