Vijayawada Houses Go Digital!!

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Yes, the houses in Vijayawada  are going next step with technology. Adding to the ongoing digital revolution in the state is the new Unique Digital Addressing Solution that is being implemented on all the urban dwellings. The momentum had picked up with Vijayawada.

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) has now started providing a Unique Digital Addressing Solution for all the Urban Dwellings (UDASUD) in the city. A metal plate will be installed at each of the houses soon.

What is Unique Digital Addressing Solution?

This geo-spatial based solution will provide a digital door numbering system, navigation details and address location services to each and every house. Meaning, your house is geo enabled and tagged on the GPS automatically. Your address can be traceable on the Google Maps, simply put. Not only that, Unique Digital Addressing Solution also syncs all the property tax assessment and other property related details for the effective functioning of the VMC.

The best part of it all, is that usage charges will not be collected from the public. This was lately stated by the VMC additional commissioner, Mr P. Arunbabu. He explained that the VMC has given this project to a company called  Zipper, that would provide the service free of cost to the corporation. He also said that VMC would pay minimum amount for the door-to-door survey to the company.

After completing the project, the VMC will also get revenue from the service too. He mentioned that every house will be provided with a ‘zipper’ code along with a password. When the users open the link online from their mobile, tablet or PC, both Zipper company and the VMC would get their respective revenue share through advertisements.

This arrangement is a boon for Vijayawada, a city that has been facing issues with navigation thanks to the rapid growth. The new system will easily help changing or retrieving a new address at any time and would navigate through online. This project has been taken up for 3 lakh assessments in the city as a pilot project.

Mr Arunbabu also said that at present, the company started providing zipper code by visiting door-to-door. He said that they would collect necessary data from every dwelling during the survey.

The Smart Code (Zipper Code) are given in the form of stickers at the surveyed house, at present. The same would be later converted into metal sheets.



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