TTD lights up Rajahmundry

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Keeping with the theme of grandeur and extravagance to match the festivities, the electrical wing of the TTD set up huge electrical cut outs of the idols and entities so that they could be spotted from miles away. The cut-outs were present in the Municipal Grounds and we can guarantee that they will not go unnoticed at night.
There are about eight huge arches that have been set up for the cut-outs and they are present in AdrustaMahalakshmi, AbharanaVenkateswaraswamy, BhajanaAnjaneya, Srivaripadalu, KalasaGajalakshmi, Tirunamalu, SribhumukhaSwarupa that are in the premises of the replica temple for the beloved Lord Venkateswara.
Apart from the vajrakireetaVenkateswara was erected on the cultural stage with LEDs and the arches at the entrance gates were also worthy of mention with their special lights.

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In Rajamundry, the KalyanaMandapam TTD has erected grand SatyanarayanaSwamy as well as Saraswathi Devi arches and the KovvuruKalyanaMandapam contains massive cut-outs of Padmavathi-Srinivasa that enthralled the devotees present.

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In the Kovvuru grounds, electrical cut-outs of SriramaPattabhiskekham as well as PrasannaVenkateswaraSwamy were the stand out features.

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In SubramanyaMandapam, there were different incarnations and avatars of the lord that were illuminated to dazzle the spectators who were present at the occasion.

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The Electrical wing of TTD includes members SE Sri Venkateswarulu, Div EE Sri Ravishankar Reddy, Deputy EE Sri Sreenivasulu, AE Sri took special pains to ensure that the devotees would be engaged throughout the festival under the special guidance and instructions of Chief Engineer Sri Chandra Sekhar Reddy.
Nearly 30 Lakhs has been spent by the TTD alone for the electrical illuminations as they want to make the festival an unforgettable one for each and every person who attends the festival. The TTD have been praised for the way in which they have handled the entire festival by devotees and security alike.



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