Striking Similarities Between Astana and Amaravati

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Call it a coincidence or uncanny similarity, the city of Astana in Kazhakstan shares striking resemblances with the upcoming capital city of Amaravati. The similarities here come as a surprise to those who see the images of the city of Astana.

This happened in course of Mr Naidu’s ongoing your in Kazhakstan, when he caught up with the Defence Minister of Kazhakstan and ex Mayor Tasmagambetov in Astana. Incidentally, it was under Tasmagambetov’s tenure as a Mayor that Astana grew into one of the world’s noted capital cities designed by the popular architect Kisho Kurokawa of Japan.

The CM chanced upon discussing similar ideas with Tasmagambetov and showed extreme willingness to seek his advice in the matters of urban planning of Amaravati. The idea is primarily to replicate Astana’s incredibly classy model in Amaravati.

Interestingly, Astana also shares a lot of other similarities with Amaravati, as the capital city was built on the banks of river Ishim, just like Amaravati which lays on the banks of river Krishna.

More details would be made clear in the coming days, when the talks would formulate into concrete action points.



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