‘Operation Smile’ in Vijayawada For Homeless Children

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Vijayawada will see a new rescue mission for children living in shelter homes. Operation Smile, a special operation initiated and organised by NGOs will now free these children from shelter homes.

As part of the mission, various officers of the Education, Juvenile Welfare, Women Development and Child Welfare (WD&CW) and Police will inspect all the homes, collect data from the organizers, and rescue the destitute kids staying for a longer time to reunite them with their families.

Going by the information given by the WD&CW officials, the licensing and permission renewal authority for shelter homes, over 3,500 children including mentally retarded children are presently staying in 64 homes in Krishna district. This apart, about 50 more homes are being run without permission in the district.

“Many children were languishing in private homes for several years though they have parents and blood relatives and the children are deprived of parents’ love and affection. The children are mentally disturbed and upset as they are far away from their family members, which is nothing but violation of child rights,” said a child rights activist while speaking to a leading newspaper daily.

Only lately, a team of officials inspected two NGO homes on Vijayawada outskirts and rescued close to 35 Scheduled Caste and Tribe children. These kids were illegally transported and detained with a false assurance of providing food and education.

It is also said that most missing, run away, and rescued children, orphans and semi-orphans and children from broken families are only suffering in these shelter homes. Most of the managements have not communicated to their parents or kin about the plans, with a reason to maintain good numbers and run the homes, thereby getting funded by the foreign organisations.



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