Norman Foster – 5 things You Need to Know About the Architect of Amaravati

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Norman Foster, the world famous architect from UK will be designing the Sunrise Capital Amaravati. While many have heard the name going by the news, only those in the world of architecture truly know what the brand Norman Foster really is. It’s time the people of Andhra Pradesh get to know more about this architectural genius.

Here are five things that you need to know about Norman Foster, the main face of Amaravati architecture in the coming days.

Foster Designs Buildings Complying with Laws of Physics

Very few architects actually understand the value of convenience and usage as compared to heavy dwelling on beautification. Norman Foster is known for designing beautiful buildings that comply with the laws of physics. He has designed buildings along with his team earlier, paying attention to basic requirements such as convection and reflection. Some of the significant buildings that were created by the Foster team are Swiss Re London, Reichstag Building restoration, Germany and Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt.

Foster Pays Attention to Passive Cooling

The buildings made by Norman Foster have walls that let in air for passive cooling and let the air out as the temperature warms and increases. They focus more on building suitability towards weather conditions, demographic positioning and dwelling comfort. It’s just another thing that their buildings look breathtakingly beautiful as well.

Awarded Greatly for Many Achievements

Norman Foster is the winner of the coveted Pritzker Architecture Prize, the Nobel Prize equivalent in the field of architecture. This apart, he has been honored as the Baron Foster of Thames Bank, and was conferred Knighthood by Germany as Lord Foster who received the order Pour le Merite

Legend Who Enjoys His Success

Foster is an interesting personality. 81 years old and still rocking, he flies his own private jet and helicopter, even to commute between his homes in France, London and Switzerland. A legend who is looked up by millions of architects, Foster actually hails from a working class and rose to heights with sheer hard work, imagination and perseverance.

A Standing Inspiration For Decades

Norman Foster is heavily worshiped and followed by top class architects all over the world. His buildings amaze and inspire with a unique magical blend of science, art and ergonomics.

Amaravati is all set to shine with Foster branded buildings, and that is nothing short of a celebration!



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