No Zonal Restrictions In New AP Capital

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Amaravati, the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh will be the hub of globalization. Along with the new master plan rolled out and the strategies in progress to turn this into reality, the government of Andhra Pradesh confirms that the new capital will be have no zonal restrictions. Meaning, Amaravati will be a free zone that will allow students from all other districts settle, get jobs and make their destinies.

The state government has decided to scrap a zonal restriction and make the new capital a free zone that would allow students from other districts in the state get jobs in the region.

The plan to make the new capital a free zone will allow students from all districts get equal job opportunities.

The government will write to the Centre to repeal Article 371D so that there would not be any issue regarding local status of the children of Andhra employees working in Hyderabad.



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