New Space Innovation Centre at Amaravati Is Just Mind Blowing

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Space innovation

Space Innovation Centre at Amaravati, taking applied learning in space technology to the next level.

The new Space Innovation Centre at Amaravati Andhra Pradesh Government is going to be a mind blowing head turner of sorts. Andhra Pradesh is planning to set up this Space Innovation Centre right in the capital city, in collaboration on with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The mission behind the space centre is to encourage young researchers keen on exploring space technology.

There is a great deal of planning that is going into the conceptualization, infrastructure and execution. Not only that, the space centre aims to collaborate with prime universities in the country, thereby contributing meaningful support to the learning of sciences.

There is a detailed plan being chalked out, where each university will have at least 10 technology-based start- ups to take up innovative research on space science. ISRO has agreed in-principle to provide data free of cost.

This proves to be great start to the momentum of education in the state. Exciting themes and concepts are being planned to make learning even more applied and appealing.



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